All public project documentation produced by the project can be freely downloaded from the M4All online community

M4ALL project deliverables

M4ALL Project Final report

WP1 Learner Needs Analysis and Requirements Specification
D1.1 – Needs Analysis and Therapeutic protocols

WP2 Game Design Document: Design of Motion Based Playful Learning Experiences
D2.1 – Game Design Documentation

WP3 Development of motion-based playful learning experiences
D3.2 – User and Installation Manuals of all M4ALL games

WP4 Pilot User Trials
D4.1-Evaluation Report

WP5 Training of Adult Stakeholders
D5.1 – Description of training events

WP6 Quality assurance and Project Evaluation
D6.1 – Quality Assurance Plan and  D6.2 – Summative Project Evaluation Report

WP7 Dissemination
D7.1 – Dissemination Plan

WP8 Exploitation
D8.1 – Exploitation Plan

 M4ALL project publications

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