Overview of the M4All training events.

Overall, 15 workshops were organized within the M4All project in the partner countries, with more than 1700 participants. These events were offered free of charge within national workshops and without being paid or reimbursed. The invited speakers came from the field of general and special education, from technological environment and the research field.


The philosophy of the training events was to present the games created in the project M4All in connection with the innovative model proposed. As a result, all countries adopted a common line in the programme agenda of the events, which included A brief presentation of the objectives of the M4All project, presentations of invited speakers related to the theme of the seminar, live demos of the games (so that participants can experience the therapeutical assets of the proposed strategy) and an evaluation of the event from the participants.




Trainings were organised by Politecnica Milano University and Centro Benedetta D’Intino (CBD). Alltogether there were 5 workshops in Italy, with an estimated 1226 participants.

Dates of the trainings: 28th March, 10th June, 10th October and 14th November 2014

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Trainings of parents of the children that participated in user trials, were organised by the University Pompeu Fabra throughout March, May and June 2014 at the Hospital San Joan de Deu in Barcelona. Alltogether there were four trainings with an estimated 65 participants.


Training  workshops were organised by the University of Pireus Research Centre on four occasions and saw more than 175 participants.

Dates: 15th December 2013, 10th March and 15th June 2014 

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In the Netherlands there were four trainings with 230 atendees.